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Terms & Conditions

This section aims to bring important points to your attention. We've tried to make it as brief, easy to read, and easy to understand as possible. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

1. Prices

Bookings made within 48 hours of travel are not eligible for a refund and can not be transferred to a later date

Prices quoted by the parking operator are complete for the period booked. However, if you are delayed,more than 12 hours or your delay results in an extended stay the operator reserves the right to charge a late return fee of £10 minimum plus any additional days parking in the event of the delay resulting in an extended stay.Any extra stay charges will be charged at the prevailing rate.


Any NON FLEX PRODUCT where the parking stay is extended after departure will be charged a minimum daily rate of £20 per day plus an administration charge if applicable this amount must be paid before the vehicle is returned failure to comply with payment request may result in delays returning the vehicle.

NON FLEX /SUPERSAVER PRODUCTS may be changed prior to depature and are subject to the operators  availability however a charge of  £50 fee is payable plus £10 administration.

Receipts for any extra stay charges paid directly to the operator can only be issued by the operator handling the parking. 

Failure to arrive on the Original booking day for whatever reason (unless previously notified by emaila minimum 48 hours prior) will be deemed a no show and as such no refund or transfer of bookings will be allowed.

A new booking must be made at the prevailing price in force at that time

All changes to bookings are charged a £20 administration fee.

Please note: Ukparkandfly cannot issue receipts for these charges.

1.2 Price Changes:


All quotations saved or requested via our save this page /quote are valid only for the duration that the prices shown are in force,Please note that at peak times prices can change considerably on a day to day basis.

UK Park & Fly is committed to providing the highest standards, at the best prices, so throughout the season we continually review our products and prices. There are likely to be some seasonal special offers where prices go down and in some circumstances prices might even go up. Always check our web site for the most up-to-date prices.

Special offers/promotions

Please note, not all operators participate in our Loyalty discount scheme. Participating operators clearly show a discounted figure.

Our loyalty discount scheme can not be applied retrospectively to bookings.

Front Page Banner discounts cannot be applied retrospectively,PLEASE ENSURE THE FIGURE AT THE CHECKOUT IS THE DISCOUNTED FIGURE, no refunds can be made after checkout completion.

Any promotions or offers cannot be applied retrospectivley to bookings made prior to the offer date. offers are applied only to a minimum  spend of £40 inc, vat

1.2 Customers responsibility

Please Note: It is the customers responsibility to read and check the emailed confirmation and that they have all the information for the chosen operator to supply the parking.this includes any information to enter/exit controlled barriers where the correct registration or barcode is required.Ukparkandfly accept no responsibility whatsoever if the correct information has not been received or available in order to use the service.

2. Cancellations, Refunds and Amendments

All cancellations,Refunds,Amendments for whatever reason, are subject to a minimum £20 administration charge. will provide a refund to the value of your booking less the £20 administration charge plus any Non Refundable items ie;confirmation text(optional) or transaction charges.  .Bookings cancelled outside office hours or due to third party action resulting in non use of service are not refundable/transferable.




All cancellations must be made by email and received during office hours 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday

No refund will be made for bookings made and cancelled within 48 hours of travel this also includes  any booking made using a discount code or seasonal offer, however changes of travel dates are made free of all charges other than prevailing parking charges for the new travel dates if made using a discount mailshot offer where this is stated.

Bookings cancelled where the reservation is for same day or the next calendar day will NOT receive a refund this also includes booking amendments ie; moving to new travel dates(Failure to arrive on the agreed booking date will be deemed a cancellation)This includes bookings made using a promotional offer, 

Important Note**

Transfers to and from the Airport

Tansfer times are different at each hotel.All transfers are subject to availability on the day and may be subject to a local charge.Please check hotel information pages for details and charges.

Prices and information regarding transfers to and from the hotel are given as a guide only and may be subject to change.

Where a booking is made direct by telephone to our office the customer will be deemed to have read and accepted our terms and conditions prior to contacting us and as such all headings within the terms and conditions will be applied 

Bookings cancelled due to third party action resulting in non use of service  are non refundable/transferable, unless within the time frame above and will still be charged a cancellation fee or amendment fee, whichever is applicable at  the  time of cancellation.

Bookings extended or amended will be charged an administration fee of £20 plus the extra cost at the prevailing rate and a request for a booking extension or date change will be deemed permission to charge at the prevailng rate and apply the method of payment  used at the time of booking.Non Flex extra charges may vary considerably from the  prevailing daily rate and are at the discretion of the operator.

If payment was made by paypal then an alternative payment method can be used or a paypal request for payment will be issued. On receipt of payment an amended booking will be provided and the operator notified of the new return dates,if a payment is not made using the above methods and the the booking still used we reserve the right to demand payment of the extra days and will seek payment through all legal means available

Cancelled or unused bookings due to third party actions are not transferable.This includes bookings made using a promotional offer.

Early returns or days not used are not refundable,any booking unused for medical reasons  and cancelled within our cancellation period must claim the loss from any travel insurance policy

Any product which states non flex(non flexible or Super Saver see also section 1a ie; cannot be cancelled or a refund applied, the words non flex/Super Saver will be shown in the information and it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the correct product is chosen.

Refunds will be made to the credit/debit card used at the time of booking and are processed at the end of the calendar month
Refunds for bookings made using PayPal will be made to the Paypal account used at the time of booking
The above information also applies if a booking has been made for incorrect airport or is cancelled or unused  due to a third party action.

Ukparkandfly reserve the right to  cancel Your reservation/booking with immediate effect if you disagree with the service offered or charges levied for the service therein.

Ukparkandfly reserve the right to cancel your reservation/booking if the operator is unable fulfil the service, whereby a full refund will be applied.

The full amount will be refunded immediately to the payment method used at the time of booking. 

You will be notified in writing (email)

Distance Selling:

Regulation 6(b) of the distance selling regulations 2014 state that contracts for the provision of transport and leisure services while the supplier provides services on a specific date or within a specific period are exempt to the traditional "cooling off" period placed on select online goods and services                          

Please note the cancellation must be made by email, and received at our office during office hours of 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday, telephone cancellations are NOT acceptable.

Any  emailed request for changes to a booking  that carry an extra charge will automatically be taken from the method of payment at the time of booking without prior consent as the request for change will be deemed to  be consent to charge the extra amount due.

If the payment is made by paypal then a paypal request for money will be issued or the amount MUST be paid in full by other means ie credit or debit card prior to travel, failure to comply with this will result in your booking being cancelled and No refund allowed.

3.1 Directions:Customers Responsibility

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all information/directions to the car park/Hotel have been received  and to ensure that all relevant car parking vouchers if required for the parking service linked to your hotel stay have been received. Failure to comply with the emailed arrival instructions or failure to download/print off the information which then results in loss of service Ukparkandfly or its Agents will not accept any claims for compensation/refunds and the reservation or part thereof will be deemed a "No Show"

NB: A booking confirmation text will be sent at time of booking(optional) stating that if you have NOT received the information you must contact us within 24Hrs

Please note post codes are Not to be relied upon and UKPF take no responsibility for incorrect Sat Nav Guidance Resulting in loss of service when supplied


Arrival/Return times

If you arrive early or late and have not informed the operator of your early/late arrival the operartor reserves the right to allocate a new time slot and may charge extra, or may adhere to the original meeting time.

3.3 Minimum stays:

A minimum stay applies at some car parks. Should you wish to stay for fewer days, you can, but the cost of the minimum duration is payable unless prior agreement is made with your provider.

3.4 Car Keys:

In the interests of efficient operation you must be prepared to leave your car keys with car park staff if requested to do so.Please remove ALL OTHER KEYS


The operator reserves the right to disconnect dashcameras as these are not always fitted correctly and can result flat batteries.

Personal Items:

Please note your collecting driver will NOT carry out a vehicle inventory on peronal items ie; phones /sat navs/keys/cash etc, Please leave all personal possesions locked awayif possible

You must also notify the driver of these items failure to do so will result in any claim for loss or damage not being accepted by ukparkandfly or its agents.

No liability whatsover will be accepted if the above is not adhered to.

3.5 Insurance:

All operators insurance are for road risks only,and cover the operators drivers to move the vehicle to and from the airport or such storage areas as required by the operator. Any claim for damage while the vehicle is stored how so ever caused unless the damage is caused while moving the vehicle . Must be claimed from the individual owners insurance. 


Delayed Flight Compensation: 

Data/booking information regarding delayed flights may be shared with our Delayed Flight Compensation Partner in order for UKparkandfly and its partners to obtain compensation on the customers behalf.

This service is based on a no win no fee basis and as such NO COSTS are payable in the event of a failed compensation claim,if a claim is successful the  fee of 25% will be deducted from the compensation payment and the balance (up to £500) paid direct to the claimant.

Claims may be made retrospectively up to six years after travel date.

3.6 Complaint Procedure:

All complaints regarding the provision of service (Not Damage) must be received by email within 24 hours of return to the UK any complaint received after this time will not be considered.Damage complaints will only be considered if noted at the time of return of the vehicle.

All Parking is subject to the terms and conditions of UkParkandfly up to vehicle handover,  and the customer accepts Ukparkandfly are the booking handling agent and that all claims regarding damage or loss/service issues caused by the customers chosen operator  while moving vehicles must be claimed from the operators insurance 
and reported to the operator at the time of collection. ukparkandfly are not responsible in any way for provision of service issues once the vehicle has been handed over to or returned by the operator OR WHILST IN THE CARE OF THE OPERATOR.

Specifically we will not be liable for any act or omission by any person not employed directly by us or under our immediate control and whilst we have chosen our parking providers with care we have no control over our parking providers and so cannot be held responsible for any action or omission of our parking providers or their servants,agents or employees.

UKparkandfly act as a booking agent only and as such are not privy to events that take place after vehicle handover,ukparkandfly employees are unable to comment on operator service issues.

Please allow up to 30days for all complaints to be dealt with to allow a documented satisfactory conclusion.

Security Issues/Delays

 Delays in returning vehicles due to security or excess traffic issues are beyond the operators control and no compensation or refund will be issued  by the operator or ukparkandfly in the event of delayed returns.

The company offers no warranty or indemnity as to the protection or safety of vehicles left in the car parking premises or any goods left within the vehicles and owners of vehicles are reminded that their own policies of insurance must be utilised in order to make any claim if such loss or damage occurs while the vehicle is parking in the car parking area and was not directly the fault of the operator, any damage found on the vehicle on the time of return will not be considered unless it is brought to the attention of the operator BEFORE leaving the airport. No liability whatsoever will be accepted if this is not adhered to.

The company accepts no liability whatsoever if the correct arrival or return procedures are not adhered as per the email instructions, this will include the failure to call or calling incorrect operator contact numbers.Failure of provision of service must be dealt directly with the operator. (see security issues /delays)

Your vehicle must be roadworthy and hold a current road fund licence if your vehicle is not roadworthy at the time of your collection you will be refused the service and NO refund will be eligible.Under recent legislation newly taxed vehicles do not have to display a roadfund licence

We accept no liability for mechanical, structural or electrical failure of any part of your vehicle including windscreens, alarms, immobilisers, glass, flat batteries, tyres and wheels howsoever caused.
We accept no liability for any faulty car keys, alarm fobs, house or other keys left on the key ring. You must ensure you leave the drivers with the right keys, alarm fobs and instructions to start your vehicle.

Damage to glass- tyres- wheels headlamp clusters etc due to adverse road conditions ie flying debris-potholes are not covered and no compensation will be payable in the event of accidental damage to the above.

The company Cannot accept liability for damage to vehicles or other property arising from acts of nature at the Car Park(s). The Company will not accept responsibility for damaged windscreens or other glass, other than where the damage is proved to be caused by the Company's negligence.The Company does not accept responsibility for any mechanical or electrical failure to Vehicles whilst in its custody. Nor will the Company accept responsibility for damage or punctured tyres,only where it is proved to be caused by their negligence where the same is proved and to the extent that it is proved by their negligence, wilful default or statutory duty. The Company reserves the right to move the vehicle by any appropriate means necessary should the vehicle fail to start, to ensure the efficient operation of the Car Park

The Vehicle will be checked for damage upon arrival, the operators do not record minor damage i.e. stone chips, scuffs, scratches, or  dents.


Due to the complicated nature of possible alleged wheel damage and inadequate lighting at set down points/dirt on wheels No claim whatsoever will be acknowledged or any compensation claims be acknowledged.


HMRC VAT Receipt Guideline
The HMRC states that a full VAT invoice/receipt can only be obtained from the principal operator handling your parking  as under HMRC guidelines UKPF act solely as an Agent and therefore are unable to supply a VAT invoice  and can only show the Gross  Payment of your parking, see HMRC Guide to Agents sections 22.5 and 23.1 You may of course request one from the operator you have chosen. 





Due to increased bank processing charges there is a non refundable Transaction fee  applied currently £1.95 +vat 

A non refundable Text charge of 0.47p (optional) is made for booking confirmation texts, all other texts ie;"day before reminders" repeats etc are free of charge

A non refundable cancellation cover is available at £1.66 +vat (optional)