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  • Will my car be safe?

    Most sites are enclosed with security fencing and monitored by CCTV.  Certain compounds are staffed 24 hours a day.All UK Park & Fly  main compounds are inspected to ensure all standards are adhered to, failure to comply results in the operator being removed from UK Park & Fly listings. At busy periods vehicles may be moved to other compounds and not all compounds will have full security measures although most  will be fenced and manned where possible.

    All vehicles are parked at owners insured risk.

    Please see full terms and conditions.

  • Are the Companies insured?

    Yes they are fully insured for road risks.

    All vehicles are parked at owners risk.

    Please see full terms and conditions.

  • Can I cancel my booking?

    All cancellations, for whatever reason, are subject to a minimum £20 administration charge. will provide a refund to the value of your booking less the £20 administration charge and any non refundable charges ie Transaction fees/confirmation text(optional)The following conditions apply for cancellations:

    Customers Responsibility

    Please Note: It is the customers responsibilty to read and check the emailed confirmation and that they have all the information for their chosen operator to supply the parking, this includes any information to enter/exit controlled barriers where the correct registration or barcode is required.UKparkandfly accept no responsibilty whatsover if the correct information has not been received or avaialble in order to use the service.

    No refund will be made for bookings made and cancelled within 48 hours of travel.

    Bookings cancelled for travel on the next calendar day will NOT receive a refund.

    Cancellation cover (Applicable only to products that NOT non amendable or non cancellable

    Cancellation cover does not apply for bookings made the same day or booked for the next calendar day or on  certain products when stated

    Cancelled bookings are not transferable.

    Non flexible or super saver products are non refundable under any circumstance.

    Unused or cancelled bookings due to third party issues ie Traffic control or strike action are not transferrable or refunadble.

    Refunds will be made to the credit/debit card used at the time of booking.

    Refunds for bookings made using PayPal will be made to a credit/debit card provided at time of cancellation.

    The above information also applies if a booking has been made for incorrect airport or is cancelled or unused due to a third party action.  Please note the cancellation must be made by email,, telephone cancellations are not acceptable.

    Please see full terms and conditions.

  • What happens on my arrival back in the UK?

    When you return to the UK and have collected your bags from the baggage hall you simply call your parking provider on the number provided. As part of the booking process instructions will be provided with  full details on where to meet the representative, You may be required to prove your identity and the representative will then provide the key to your car.


    Please see full terms and conditions.

How It Works

  • How does our service work?

    With the Meet and Greet service you will meet at departures by your representative and at your chosen Airport at the agreed time and at the designated meeting point (see your particular arrival instructions).

    At this point you will be required to confirm your details and provide the key for your vehicle. The representative will only take responsibility for the car key, so please ensure that you take any other keys with you. The representative will ask you to confirm your return details.

  • How do I know these companies are legitimate?

    All companies offered through UK Park & Fly are long-standing companies and their drivers may have been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau and will hold a full uk driving licence.

    All companies that UK Park & Fly offer through this site have undergone checks  wherever possible and meet our requirements. All companies reserve the right to move vehicles to other storage ares during busy periods.

    Please note these storage areas may not have the full security measures as the original listing, please check with the individual operator.

    Ukparkandfly take no resposibility whatsoever for temporary storage areas. All vehicles are parked at owners risk.

    Please full terms and conditions.

  • What happens if my return flight is delayed?

    If you experience an unfortunate delay, you must inform your chosen service provider who will provide a 'grace' period where you will incur no additional charges for parking. After this period you will be charged for each additional day your vehicle remains in our their  carpark & also an additional return fee if this is outside the normal operational hours of the operator.

    If you do not inform of your delayed return you may incur a minimum additional £15 charge to cover the additional labour.

    Please note That NON FLEX OR SUPERSAVER PRODUCTS ,may have considerably higer charges levied by the operator 

    All extra charges must be made to the operator directly,please ask the operator if you reqire a receipt ukparkandfly are unable to suppy receipts for extra charges


    Please see full terms and conditions.

  • What happens if I am running late or early

    If you are running late or early please call so the company can ensure a driver is there to meet you on your arrival.  If you do not call and arrive 30 minutes after or before your booked arrival time there is no guarantee that a driver will be there to meet you and you may incur an additional charge.


    Please see full terms and conditions.


  • Are there any hidden costs?

     Bookings made by telephone may carry a £3 booking fee.Please note BAA( Heathrow) and MAG may charge an exit fee after a grace period paid for by the operator this  is approx £3.50 and is totally beyond the operators control, however some operators may include this in their price ,Please click the Full Details icon on each operator for full details.

    UK Park & Fly now charge a £2.34 inc vat  per booking non refundable transaction fee due to increased Bank processing charges.Certain airports may charge to enter or exit the set down areas please see more in on the operators banner.

    A non refundable text charge of 0.47p(optional) is made for booking confirmation texts, all other texts ie; "day before reminders"repeats etc, are free of charge


    Please see full terms and conditions.

  • Changes to Bookings

    Time /vehicle changes  can be made on line using your log in code given at the time of booking,this allows changes to general information ie vehicle details /phone numbers/times on bookings, all FOC


     Failure to arrive on  the original booking date/day for whatever reason (unless previously notified by email a minimum 48hours prior) will be deemed a no show and as such a refund or transfer of bookings will not be allowed.

    Please note F.A.Q.'S Are a guide please see full terms and conditions.